New features in MobDis 2.2


Hi MobDis users,

we have just put out a update with several new features and this post is for you to easily get an idea of what new features this update brings to your MobDis site.

We have included user scenarios to demonstrate the usefulness of the widget and a sample site for each of the widget.

Wipe to Reveal

Use Case: The Wipe to reveal widget is great for adding interactivity to your site. Using a touch interface, users can wipe away parts of a image and reveal what is underneath. Because of the visual feedback and the lure of seeing what is underneath, users are motivated to explore further into your site.

You should place a “reward” underneath the teaser wipe clear so that the user is rewarded. An offer/discount/coupon would be very appropriate

Another use would to be use Before and After photos. Instead of placing the photos side by side, the wipe clear widget allows the user to gradually unveil the “After” photo for greater impact. This is especially useful for personal care products to demonstrate product effectiveness.

Wipe clear has a lot of possible users so experiment and see what would wow the users.

Sample site: This MobDis mobile site urges the user to wipe away to find out a exclusive deal for MobDis via our Mac App store app

Multiple Map markers

Use Case: We have also improved our map widget so that you can show and manage multiple locations. This would allow businesses with multiple physical locations to show branch information to visitors.

Sample Site: Since MobDis is a online business, we haven’t had the chance to open multiple office locations. However to celebrate the diversity of the MobDis team, we have created a Map mash up of all home countries of the MobDis teammembers.

(In progress)