Will you recommend lion OS? [Infographics]



AirDrop is an incredibly simple drag-and -drop file sharing system that allows you to swap files with other Macs over WiFi.

Apple has introduced a handful of features meant to address security and privacy, including sandboxing.

Some features that I found useful in the past were apparently gone — until I did some looking.

Spotlight magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner now extends beyond system search.

Resume, Autosave, and Versions will likely be the most important additions for many of you.

You’ll find more than enough features amongst the 250-plus to justify that modest price tag.

You can easily go back to the old ways in scrolling, mail layout, unhiding the library.

The resume feature is great, versioning is a must have once you start to rely on it.

Auto Save and Versions are likely to save a lot of heartbreak for a lot of users.

We didn’t notice any major hangups on our clean system when installing Lion.

Things seem snappier and for me. Mission Control is a great addition.

Full screen apps — was sceptical at first, but yes, they’re good news.

Apple executes airdrop with typically user-friendly panache.

Apple promises fewer crashes in this build of Safari.

Safari (v5.1) gets some nice upgrades here.

Install and upgrade was easy and flawless.

Don’t have to stand in line to buy it.

Works with office 2008 and above.

VMWare Fusion works fine.

Pretty!, No scroll bars.

Costs only $29.


Safari is very buggy so far. Keeps dropping my wifi connection, stalling, cutting and pasting seems to spin the beach ball for no reason, freezing pages that are sort of out-of-focus…will almost certainly end up going back to Firefox.

Mail – I was really looking forward to this after watching the Keynote, but in practice it’s visually confusing and nowhere near as clean, neat and efficient as the old display.

I’ m getting the annoying spinning cursor all the time while doing basic tasks like browsing the web with safari.

Mission Control is a waste of time for power users; the old 4-finger swipe app switcher was far more efficient.

I know Launchpad is used to attract new iPad-but-not-yet-Mac users, but for old Mac hands, a waste of time.

Had to force quit Finder at least 3 times during the past 4 hours, dunno why it stops responding.

Transfering anything on airdrop through com-2-com wifi is slow and drops regularly.

Rosetta programs , AppleWorks, Quicken, Microsoft 2004 does not work.

A few features are missing like the ability to add things to Launchpad

Hate the new left-panel display in finder, not as clear as the old one.

I’ve no idea what the other 240 some other “improvements” are.

Natural scrolling is difficult due to years of muscle memory.

Full screen doesn’t free up a ton of formerly unused space.

I am not amused. So many things changed, broken or missing.

A working Mac is required to download and install.

Depends on the age of everything on your system.

Can only be installed on Core 2 Duo (or later).

Autocomplete not exactly welcome assistance.

New gestures are hard to use and adjust to.

Not the polished upgrade I expected.

Problems with crashes and iMovie.

Can’t run PowerPC applications.

No longer beginner-friendly.

Mail don’t work.