MobDis Version 3


MobDis Version 3 is out today. I am thrilled to announce to you what’s new in the big jump from V2.6 to V3.

For one, we created a free version of MobDis for anyone who wants to try us out but was deterred by the monthly plans before, you now can use MobDis, publish your site without any cash & commitments.

New UI

Secondly, our UI/UX has been changing. We gather a lot of feedback from our users and constantly want to improve the usability to accomodate your needs. We understand that our customers prefer to create their mobile site as soon as possible, want to learn how to use Mobdis as fast as possible. When logged into V3, our dashboard would be the most notable change as seen below:

*This version is for pro users only, new users will only be allowed 1 site/account.

Liquid Layouts

The default size for our sites is 320px X 417px (optimized for iphone), but what if the layout is little too small for that 470px android phone? Fret not, cause we have liquid layouts! Width of the page will automatically resized to 100% according to the viewer’s phone. A little advice when putting up images, be sure that they are 3X the density. i.e. create 960px width image for 320px. The reason? Since the system handles resizing, a larger resolution will actually stretch your images, thus diluting the density of your images. (Sounds like a physics lesson huh?). Also, it looks better on most iOS’s retina display.

Here’s an example of the liquid layout (rotates and fits 100% width):

We are constantly polishing our widgets, we recoded MobDis on another framework for this version and really hope you’ll enjoy this version. Remember to follow us on twitter for micro updates (for when we have system maintenance/ deals etc).

–Nicole the Marketing Person