New Features in MobDis 2.3


Hi all users,

MobDis version 2.3 is out and we have 2 features for you.


Use Case: This is my personal favourite for businesses with physical goods that they would like to display. Precisely like its name, the widget allows the viewer to rotate a particular product and view it 360°.  This allows you to showcase your product in true details. According to marketing specialists, 360-degree view for products is considered “one of the most effective method to promote products in online stores”. They allow visitors and potential customers to rotate products, examine them in detail and make informed decisions.

Recommendations: The product is really straight forward, but the caveat is that you should possess your own set of 360°images before you upload it. The recommended number of pictures is 36 or 72, although the widget allows 1-36 images. Any images higher than 72 is not recommended, as it will slow your mobile site significantly. Another thing to note is that the recommended format is jpeg, although png is fine as well.

Sample Site:


Use Case: Like gallery, the slideshow widget allows users to view pictures in a timely manner.  In the example website, we showed Vogue UK Magzine Covers throughout the years, from the early 1990s to the current years. Your users would not need to click to browse pictures manually. All pictures will automatically adjust to fix aspect ratio and the slideshow will display it to the speed of your choice.

Sample Site:

In addition to our 2 interactive widgets, we have also made MobDis ORMMA compliant. From now on, any advertisement made with MobDis will be ORMMA compliant; to know more about ORMMA, please read this post. Also, contact us if you are interested in a quote.