We are Singaporean – Our first mobile quiz site!

We are excited to see our first mobile quiz site go live! Do check it out and try to beat the highscore yourself!

The “We are Singaporean” mobile quiz site is built in collaboration with MediaCorp to complement a TV game show of the same name. Users answer a series of questions about Singapore and compete to see who gets the highest score.

It is an exciting project for us, as mobile phones are now playing a larger role in the TV viewing experience. A recent report by Nielsen shows that in the US, a high “86% of smartphone owners said they used their device while watching TV at least once during a 30-day period.” Therefore, we explored how MobDis can help create this experience with a mobile quiz site.

The results are fantastic. A fully functional quiz site with features such as high scores and user ranking! The basic layout and design is assembled via MobDis where the buttons and images are quickly added by drag and drop. The game mechanics are then added via our new Custom code console which allows Developers the flexibility to build apps using JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

We are proud that MobDis provided the flexibility to enable this mobile site and will keep exploring other new possibilities.

If you are interested to know more, do drop us an email at sales@mobdis.com.

Visit the mobile site at: